The 13 most beautiful trips & short getaways for couples – romantic trips for every budget

Camping trip through Ireland:

A small portion of adventure? Endless green meadows where sheep graze? A hike along breathtaking cliffs and fresh sea air? And a cold Guinness in a cozy pub afterwards?

Well then Ireland is definitely the perfect destination for you!

We drove all over Ireland in a small Caddy camper and visited the most beautiful places together! Ireland is perfect for a little adventure for two! If you are interested in all the places and experiences of our Ireland trip, you can read the detailed Ireland article here!


Relaxing together for a weekend in a beautiful setting and enjoying the view from the pool? It doesn’t get much more romantic than that, does it? You’ll find this beautiful wellness hotel – with an incredible view – in the South Tyrolean mountains:

You can find out more about the hotel and our short trip there here.


Would you rather explore a city together? Then how about Amsterdam? The Dutch city is perfect for a short trip for two.

We really loved Amsterdam and the canals and the great city center was our highlight. You can spend the night right in the city or at a great campsite near the city center. By the way, you can find our complete round trip through the Netherlands here.


We’ll continue with the Netherlands in a moment. As it is so close to Germany, it is also easily accessible by car and therefore perfect for a short trip! A short trip to Zeeland is also definitely worthwhile. The Dutch North Sea has some super beautiful places for a few days of relaxation, time out and the sea. In Zeeland you will find many beautiful places by the sea or small dreamy towns where you can enjoy a bit of togetherness.


This trip is for all couples who want to travel a little further afield and who are in the mood for adventure and dream beaches in a magical country. With this route through Thailand, you will experience adventures in the jungles of northern Thailand as well as white, empty dream beaches or wake up with a view of the sea. Fancy it? Then take a look at this route or this article about Thailand.

Thailand really was a wonderful and incomparable trip that we won’t be missing any time soon. But it really isn’t a small trip. We backpacked for 4 weeks and alternated between small, simple accommodation and really great and romantic luxury hotels.


Dreamy Venice! It doesn’t get much more romantic than this, which is exactly why the beautiful Italian city is perfect for a trip for two.

I have traveled to Venice several times and it is beautiful every time! Simply a beautiful, romantic city for a short trip.


Provence is particularly beautiful during the lavender blossom in June/July. A trip here is definitely worthwhile, as many beautiful little towns await you.

Are you interested in a trip to Provence? Here you can find our complete route and all the places we explored during our round trip:

Blind Booking

How about a surprise trip? Have you ever thought about it? Going on a trip and not knowing where you’re going until you get to the airport is really an experience! For us, the excitement in advance really was a great experience.

It was definitely a bit scary, but definitely worth the excitement. We ended up in a very special place that we probably wouldn’t have traveled to so quickly otherwise.

If you’re interested in this topic, then take a look at my article about it.


Another little round trip tip! The Netherlands has definitely taken my heart by storm and we had a wonderful round trip there. The country has so much to offer and provides so many opportunities to spend time together in a relaxed and leisurely way. Numerous breaks in small beach cafés, collecting shells on the beach or cruising through the Amsterdam canals by boat.

Lac de St. Croix

A beautiful, unreal blue lake in the middle of France! I think the little highlight is the gorge, which you can simply paddle into in a canoe. It really is a great experience.

While we were exploring France and Provence by motorhome, Lac de St. Croix was a very special stop. We had a great day swimming and then paddled through the gorge in a canoe. It was really quite special.

If you are interested in the lake, then take a look at the article on our Provence round trip, where you will find lots of information about it.


Stockholm has ea really special place in my heart, so it should definitely not be missing in this list. Even if you could stay in Stockholm for an eternity, it really is the perfect place for a short trip. Strolling through the old town together and taking a short break over a fika? Then Stockholm is perfect! 

I could probably rave about Stockholm for hours! It’s simply my favorite European city and perfect for a short city trip, but also just as nice for a longer stay. There are so many special places to visit from Stockholm. If you are interested in a complete round trip through central and southern Sweden, then take a look at our camper round trip here.

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In the middle of the mountains

Action & relaxation? Exactly, I also think it’s the perfect combination. You’ll definitely find that in Leogang in Austria or in the Alps. Wellness, relaxation and a little time out await you in some special hotels.

No matter where, mountains are always a special excursion or short trip. For us in Germany, it’s mainly the Alps and we like to take a short trip to the Allgäu or Austria. But of course you can also do this in other countries around the world. I always enjoy a short trip to the mountains and the combination of wellness and hiking is my favorite.

Camper roundtrip

Many of our best trips together have been in a camper van or motorhome. It’s a completely different adventure to staying in hotels and creates completely different experiences for two.

For example, this round trip through the Netherlands in a camper van. We ate in so many beautiful beach resorts, explored Amsterdam together by boat and made ourselves comfortable in our camper van at night. If you want to read more about it, you can follow our complete round trip through the Netherlands here.

Of course, it always depends very much on you as individuals as to what is the most beautiful and romantic trip for you. I hope these ideas here have been an inspiration for you. A trip is best when you can have a variety of experiences as a couple. I wish you a lot of fun while traveling together!

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