Ultimate gift guide for interior fans | special decor gift ideas

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Finding the perfect gift.. It isn’t easy right? But awesome and special decoration for your house could be the perfect idea. In this article you will finde the perfect gift ideas for interior fans:

1) special prints

Such a lovely gift, isn’t it? These special prints are a great gift idea for everyone, who is loving interior and cute prints. At DESENIO you can find awesome prints in all kind of style, colors and sizes. Creating an individual gallery wall is an awesome idea.

My prints:

Are you interested in creating your own gallery wall? Have a look at this article to learn more. In diesem Beitrag verrate ich dir 4 Tipps zum Gestalten einer perfekten Bilderwand.

2) plants


Plants are an essential for every house and – by the way – an awesome gift idea! You should search for a special, unusual plant and add a cute flower pot to make your plant a perfect gift. 


These plants are perfect as a gift:

  • Tillandsia
  • Monstera
  • Pilea

3) ceramics

I love special ceramics. Cute cups, coasters or vases are a great gift idea for every interior fan.


4) DIYs

You prefer a selfmade gift? There are many great interior DIYs, which are perfekt as a gift idea. Eucalyptus wreaths are my favourite DIY. It’s super easy when you use a thin wire to wrap it around the branches. The Eucalyptus wreaths fit perfect into a scandinavian styled home.

5) gift cards

You aren’t sure which present to choose? A gift card can always be a great idea. For example a gift card from DESENIO?

You could choose a small print and wrap it up with a gift card. 

Disclaimer: This article contains affiliatelinks. If you buy something over my link, i’m getting a small commission. But for you there won’t be any costs !

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