Best hotels to see the northern lights – Places to see aurora borealis

Here you can find awesome places and stays to see the northern lights all around the world.

Disclaimer: This article contains affiliatelinks. If you buy something over my link, i’m getting a small commission. But for you there won’t be any costs !

Norway – Sorrisniva

Location: Alta, Norway

Price: 526$ per night

Special: Ice Hotel

Finnland – Vikajärvi

Location: Vikajärvi, Finnland

Price: 98$ per night 

Special: private glas chalet


Finnland – Sielikkö

Location: Vikajärvi, Finnland

Price: 480$ per night 

Special: big house for 8 people

Finnland – Muotka

Location: Saariselkä, Finnland

Price: 210$ per night 

Special: rustic cottage

Finnland – Kakslauttanen*

Location: Saariselkä, Finnland

Price: 370$ per night 

Special: glas igloo for 6 people

Finnland – Riekonlinna

Finnland – northern lights village

Location: Saariselkä, Finnland

Price: 419$ per night 

Special: glas igloo 


Island – Rangá*

Location: Hella, Finnland

Price: 434$ per night 

Finnland – Saariselkä

Location: Saariselkä, Finnland

Price: 82$ per night 

Island – Lækur*

Location: Hella, Finnland

Price: from 96$ per night 


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