101 cute alpaca gifts – guift guide for alpaca & llama lovers

Are you looking for an awesome gift idea for a alpaca lover? Here you can find cute and affordable alpaca gifts & llama themed gifts for birthday, christmas and more!

Disclaimer: This article contains affiliatelinks. If you buy something over my link, i’m getting a small commission. But for you there won’t be any costs ! 




Theres a ton of cute alpaca jewelry out there. Here you can see my absolute favorites: There are different designs and materials. I personally really like the minimal silver earrings!


How about a cute print for the kids room or bedroom? These print are great alpaca gifts for everyone who loves llamas and alpacas:


Drinking the morning coffee out of your favorite alpaca mug? Every Alpaca fan will love this:



I love these cute alpaca pillows! My absolute favorite is the llama rice pillow that you can put in the microwave and it gets warm and cozy.


There are sooo many cute alpaca shirts and llama sweaters out there. There are minimal line art ones or colorful ones with cute alpacas.


alpaca experience

This is one of the BEST alpaca gifts for every alpaca lover. Just gift them an alpaca experience, where you go on a hike with a group of alpacas.

You can find awesome alpaca experiences here:


phone case

These phones cases with alpaca patterns are so cute and every alpaca fan will love them!


So cool! And also a great present for every male alpaca lover!




I love the alpaca themed planters and they’re also an awesome present!


There are so many different cute alpaca patterned bags. Wether its beauty bags or tote bags for shopping – they’re a great gift!



Haven’t find the right gift? Here are some other ideas for cool and affordable gifts.

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